Béziers is located in the department of Herault and the region of Languedoc-Roussillon. The city is nestled in the plain overlooking the Orb and the Canal du Midi. Last contrefort of the Massif Central in the plain of Lower Languedoc, the heart of Béziers oscillates between mountains and sea . The Mediterranean, 15km away, extends its turquoise waters and mountains of the High Languedoc stand on the other side with the abrupt mass of Caroux (1090 meters above sea level ) Espinouse (1124m) and the mountains of Lacaune in the Tarn (1267m).

Béziers is the largest town of the department of Herault, with an area of 9 548 hectares. However, only half of that space is urbanized  ; on the rest of the territory, nature has retained its rights and vineyards alongside the protected natural areas where it is good to walk.

In addition to its green surroundings, Béziers offers its visitors monuments and sites worthy of great interest such as the Cathedral of Saint-Nazaire, located on the heights of the city; le Plateau des Poètes, large English-style park decorated with statues of poets ; the arena or le canal du midi.

Bullfighting occupies an important place in the heart of Biterroises and Biterrois which on August 15 to urge the feria in the company of many tourists coming every year to attend the festivities.

A visiter

  • Three museums
  • The Saint-Nazaire's cathedral
  • The Saint Aphrodise's basilica and several churches and chapels
  • The Canal du Midi
  • The Féria, each summer
  • The "Plateau des Poètes" public garden
  • The Cordier Mill
  • ...